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Electronic Product Development for Commercial, Industrial, Medical, and Military Applications
"I enjoyed working with you on this project and I hope I can bring you more business in the future. Many thanks for your help."
"...a book that should be on the shelf of every digital or analog electronic-system designer."
Frank Goodenough, Electronic Design
Analog and Power Circuit Design, EMI/EMP/ESD/Lightning Protection, Worst Case Analysis+, and Troubleshooting
"...we very much appreciate your thorough work and helping us out with our PCB. Thank you!"
"Thank you for your meticulous work and accurate time estimates. It is a pleasure to have you on our team, as we know you are prompt and we can rely on your results."
Circuit failures costing you time & money? We can help.
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Mixed analog/uC designs, EMI control, fault analysis, miniature power supplies, and more ...
"Ed, It was great talking with you….I don’t have a lot of time for this “problem” that has been handed to me ... I need a true expert such as yourself to at least evaluate the schematic and determine just what can be done with the board area to pass the requirements needed."
... generating the design and related risk analysis for a next-generation medical device
... blending low-cost microprocessors with analog sensor functions for very cost-effective instruments
Are Your Designs Tough Enough?
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Worst Case Analysis Software
"Design Master is very intuitive to use and one of those programs that you only need to read a very small amount of the manual to get started ... "

"The author has developed large spreadsheets with complex formulas and finds that developing models in Design Master to perform these kinds of analyses a piece of cake in comparison."

- Van Brollini, Test Engineer's Measurement Handbook
“Of all analysis software I have used throughout my career, I find Design Master the most fundamentally sound. The approach to analysis insight is hard to beat. I consider myself a SPICE expert and use it all the time, but for deep understanding to analysis, I use Design Master.”

- MKB, Senior Scientist, L3 Communications, ETI Division. Makers of TWTAs for space borne satellite communication systems
With the Design Master™ Expert Assistant, high-quality circuits are only a few clicks away.
Design Master's many features include the DM Expert Assistant, a "fill-in-the-blanks" approach to achieving high-quality design. Sample files are provided for several standard circuits, including amplifiers, filters, regulators, references, and timers.
... solving why your electronics product is suddenly having reliability problems