Have a circuit problem? Worried about circuit reliability? We provide innovative and cost-effective circuit design, analysis, and troubleshooting. Nobody does it better and we provide fixed-fee quotes to prove it.
Our structured and cost-effective approach can be tailored to your specific needs, but typically includes specification review and finalization, design, prototype build/test, and pilot production.
For new designs, or for designs that require upgrades/corrections or troubleshooting, please send us the available specs, schematics, and BOMs and we'll respond with a fixed-fee no-obligation quote. (Please call or email first to set up a non-disclosure agreement.)
If we don't offer what you need (see Technologies to the right) please check the IEEE Consultants Database.
Low-cost commercial, rugged industrial, safety-critical medical, and high-reliability military: we've done it all. Analog and power design is our specialty, including all the bells and whistles as required: EMP/lightning, ESD, EMI, noise control, grounding, compliance (UL, CSA, CE, medical) --- the works.
Custom targeted analyses with appropriately derated models (temperature, aging, radiation, etc.) for commercial, industrial, military, or medical applications.
Analog & Power Circuit Design / Switchmode Power Supplies / Analog Sensing & Instrumentation / Power Amplifiers / Power Control / Industrial Control / Medical Instrumentation / Electronic Ballasts / LED Lighting / Servo Systems / Motion Control / Video Monitors / KW Power Supplies / Chemical Detectors / Interface Circuits / IR Trackers / Test Equipment / Fuzes / Encryption / Pump and Blower Control / Night Vision / Automotive Electronics / Optoelectronics & Other Isolation Circuits / MOSFETs / IGBTs / Transformer & Filter Design / Ethernet IO / Protection Circuits / Transient Clamp Circuits / Failsafe Circuits / Magnetics

Worst Case Analysis (WCA) / Worst Case Circuit Analysis (WCCA) / Risk Assessment / Troubleshooting / Design Reviews / Design Optimization / Custom Designs and Analyses / Product Development / Project Management / EMI Control / Layout & Grounding Guidelines / EMP & Lightning Protection / Safety Analyses (Failure Modes & Effects Analysis FMEA, Single Point Failure Analysis SPFA, Fault Tree Analysis FTA, Sneak Path Analysis) / Mechanical & Packaging Design / Nuclear Biological Chemical Hardening / High Speed Digital Guidelines / Contract Manufacturing Support

Software: Engineering Analysis / Worst Case Analysis / Tolerance Analysis / Probability Analysis / Risk Assessment / Sensitivities / Optimization / uP / uC / Custom Windows Applications
Everything you need for cost-effective and highly reliable circuit design
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Design/Analysis Consultants, Inc.
EMI / EMP / ESD / Lightning
Analog and Power Circuit Design
New Product Development
Worst Case Analysis +
Low-cost commercial, rugged industrial, safety-critical medical, and high-reliability military: we've done it all.
Analog and power design is our specialty, including filtering, shielding, grounding, and compliance (IEC, UL, CSA, CE, FDA, etc.) --- the works. We are also adept at microprocessor-controlled instrumentation, as well as a variety of other circuit applications (please see Technologies to right).
DACI has been responsible for providing design guidance for meeting EMI, EMP, ESD, and/or Lightning performance requirements, as validated by successful testing, for several programs, including KG-84A, AN/UGC-140, AN/CYZ-10, JSLSCAD, JBPDS, and CBPS-M4A.
We developed WCA+, the world's most powerful form of worst case analysis, which includes min/max solutions PLUS normalized sensitivities and practical probabilities for risk assessment, and optimized component values for proper design centering to help ensure in-spec performance.
We've solved electronics problems that have been "unsolvable" by other design teams and consultants, ranging from identifying the root cause of recurrent smoke & flame blowups to identifying subtle design deficiencies that cause production shutdown.