EMI / EMP / Lightning / ESD / Noise Control
If it absolutely positively has to be innovative, high quality, rugged, and cost effective.
Applications include: Switching Power Supplies / Power Amplifiers / Industrial Control / Contract Manufacturing Support / Custom Designs / Medical Instrumentation / Servo Systems / Motion Control / Video Monitors / KW Power Supplies / Chemical Detectors / Interface Circuits / IR Trackers / Test Equipment / Fuzes / High Speed Digital Guidelines / Custom Packaging / and more...
For commercial and industrial applications we have helped our customers design-in appropriate EMI and transient (e.g. lightning) safeguards during the development phase, and have also solved EMI/EMP issues on-the-fly when products fail compliance testing.
We work with recognized test agencies to create a comprehensive design/test package to meet international standards.
We have been instrumental in the solution of numerous problems whose root cause has been inadequate design margin or workmanship/component defects. In many cases all our customers require is a little expert assistance to make that final surge over the finish line. Most of our troubleshooting is successfully wrapped up within a few days to a few weeks, with follow-up analysis and documentation provided as required.
Typical Scenario # 1: A circuit is intermittently failing, and a marginal component is suspected. The component vendor says "the components meet spec, so it's not our problem." The designers say that the design is fine.

Typical Scenario # 2: Your design team members have been struggling to solve a nagging problem and are fatigued and starting to go in circles.

Typical Scenario # 3: A "build to print" circuit is intermittently failing, and cannot be shipped. The customer who provided the prints says "it always worked before" so there can't be a design problem; it must be a workmanship or component defect. The contract manufacturer says no, their workmanship is OK and the parts pass incoming inspection.
We have the experience to sort out such problems and identify their root cause, backed up by expert opinion and documentation that will meet third-party scrutiny. We also work in a professional and civil manner with all parties to help ensure teamwork and cooperation.
HIGH RELIABILITY Specialty Services
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA, also called a Single Point Failure Analysis or SPFA), fault tree analysis (FTA), sneak path analysis, radiation effects / nuclear hardening, and more.
We are intimately familiar with both military and industrial EMI standards, including requirements for the European market.

For military applications we have had overall responsibility for meeting EMC requirements for a variety of systems, including communications gear, optical scanners, decontamination units, chemical detectors, and mobile medical units. We provide recommendations up front in the development process, and when our guidance is followed we have an excellent record of first-pass success.
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"DACI has provided us with high quality cost effective assistance on several of our projects. Highly recommended."
"Our successful new energy savings products wouldn't have been possible without DACI."
"Thanks for your help... truly appreciate the input."
[Power supply inrush current problem]
"Ed, It was great talking with you….I don’t have a lot of time for this “problem” that has been handed to me ... I need a true expert such as yourself to at least evaluate the schematic and determine just what can be done with the board area to pass the requirements needed."