The Design Analysis Handbook
A Practical Guide to Design Validation
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CHAPTER 1, "An Introduction to Design Analysis," describes how analysis fits into the overall product quality process. The powerful analysis tool known as "Worst Case Analysis" (WCA) is introduced. WCA definitions, misconceptions, cost effectiveness, and case histories are provided to illustrate its usage and benefits.

CHAPTER 2, "How To Perform A Worst Case Analysis," describes how to identify worst case solutions, calculate the probability of occurrence of an out-of-specification (ALERT) result, perform a risk assessment, and use analysis data to correct and optimize the design.

CHAPTER 3, "Design Validation Topics and Tips," explains how to screen an analysis to save time, reviews computer-aided-analysis tools, describes how to ensure realistic results, and discusses the topics of nonlinear equations, tolerances, and accuracy.

CHAPTER 4, "Safety Analyses," describes and reviews the supplementary analyses used for critical safety-related designs: the Single Point Failure analysis, the Fault Tree Analysis, and the Sneak Path Analysis.

CHAPTER 5, "Bad Science and Other Hazards," describes design engineering pitfalls which can spring from unexpected sources.

CHAPTER 6, "Electronics Analysis Tips and Equations," provides a sampling of some of the most common yet misapplied, pesky, or in general tough-to-do-right electronic circuits. This chapter contains useful design tips and equations and numerous examples: Power and Thermal / AC Full-Wave Rectifier Circuits / Power Supplies / Digital Apps / Grounding and Layout / EMI / Noise Control / Circuit Potpourri

Appendix A, "How To Survive An Engineering Project," presents essential advice on coping with high-tension development projects. Appendix B contains DACI's Worst Case Analysis Standard. A sample Worst Case Analysis report is provided in Appendix C.
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