Design, Worst Case Analysis, Troubleshooting, & Product Development
Latch-up failures were occurring in a custom integrated circuit. After several months of investigating the problem with no solution, the IC design department asked DACI to help. Working with a small in-house team, using analysis and micro-probe troubleshooting, we identified the source of the design weakness and provided design changes to eliminate the susceptibility. We subsequently helped upgrade the department's design guidelines.
A custom IC was failing during temperature testing. Hugh resources were applied to computer analysis of the problem, to no avail. By generating an analysis of a key circuit, DACI identified a sensitivity to clock symmetry which was also a function of temperature. A redesign of the IC to eliminate the sensitivity solved the problem.
A custom interface IC was designed which failed initial prototype testing. DACI noted that the IC design house was using computer simulations to "correct" their design, even though those same computer simulations had not predicted the original failure. Based upon this observation, we recommended a discrete design be created as backup, with which the customer agreed. The redesigned custom IC failed again, and our alternate design was used in the product.
A "build-to-print" contract manufacturer experienced several problems in meeting specification with various of the electronics products they were building for their customers. DACI investigated the problems and provided recommended corrective action. We were able to demonstrate in several cases that the problems were not the fault of the contract manufacturer, but were due to insufficient design margin.
An industrial control company was concerned with ensuring and improving the safety of its products. DACI provided design rules for the control circuitry to help ensure that no single failure could create a critical fault. We also generated an analysis to validate proper implementation of the rules.
A company specializing in the design and manufacture of military equipment used DACI to guide the implementation of EMI control and HEMP/lightning protection for several of their products.
DACI was called in to help a startup firm upgrade a high power prototype design into a production-ready product. We created a new design which allowed the first reliable products of the firm to be produced.
A manufacturer of ruggedized power supplies used DACI's worst case analysis services to identify weaknesses in their designs prior to production, avoiding substantial field repair costs.
A small business owner required the conversion of a specialized mechanical meter into an electronics version with a digital display. We designed the unit in an innovative manner that achieved performance and cost objectives while avoiding the need for expensive EMI testing. Several hundred units have been shipped worldwide.
An electronically-controlled pump was experiencing very intermittent shutdown failures. By employing a combination of lab work and analysis, DACI was able to duplicate the problem, which had two major causes.
DACI generated design procedures and guidelines for an engineering department, and worked with the staff to ensure proper implementation.
An electromechanical product manufacturer used DACI to quickly troubleshoot and solve some problems which were a combination of EMI and inadequate design margin. This was done completely by teleconference, with DACI working in close cooperation with the design team.
A customer's creative new biomedical concept was suffering from various product design maladies, including high sensitivity to EMI. DACI's product development team provided quick-fix assistance to improve the performance of the prototypes, then revamped the design and assisted with transition into production.
A major medical electronics firm spent over a year trying to determine the cause of failures in a power subassembly that occurred in a small number of products. After employing outside consultants and trying a different design, the failures continued. DACI was contacted and we provided a firm fixed-fee proposal. Within 90 days we identified the problem and provided corrective action recommendations.
An instrumentation manufacturer asked DACI to do a WCA of one of their new products. DACI identified several design margin weaknesses and provided suggested improvements. About a year later the project engineer called to say "You know those recommendations you made? We ignored some of them because we hadn't seen any problems during testing, but we're seeing them now. We should have done what you suggested."
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